There's nothing more I love than all black or black and white lounge/ gym wear. It's just so sleek. I love my trainers to be bright colours I kinda use them to accessorize to some extent. Now, I don't go to the gym to look nice (because when I leave I look a hot mess) but I do like to look halfway decent. Lol I've also discovered that any other brand of workout leggings other than sports ones are not good for me! They all rip in the inner thigh region...those kinda leggings are made for lounging around and errand runs unfortunately. :-( At the moment I have a temporary mini obsession with grey, all black or black and white trainers for now. Amongst other things on my wishlist, I'm still waiting for the white PS4 to go on sale! It has to go on sale soon right? *Wishful thinking*