Illustrations by me for ksisoooofly 

Sharing some of the goodies I've been enjoying:

BODY SHOP TEA TREE FACIAL WASH This facial wash has always been my staple and keeps my skin clean and clear. My face always feel refreshed. I'm glad they've made a bigger bottle. :) It's great for clearing up blemishes.

BIOTIN & COLLAGEN HAIR TREATMENT OIL I have been using this treatment oil since last year. I apply to my damp hair after I've cowashed. It definitely thickens your hair over time with frequent use.

SHEA BUTTER HAND CREAM £1 of moisturising goodness. :-) Comparable to L'occitaine? I'm not sure as I've never tried it but check out my review of this hand cream here.

LA GIRL TREATMENT SMOOTHING RIDGR FILLER It's like acrylic in a bottle, definitely helps with a long lasting manicure. 

LEE STAFFORD BLEACH BLONDE TREATMENT I know what you're thinking...my hairs not bleach blonde! I know...I know...but this treatment is so moisturising my hair was left feeling voluminous and soft to the touch. Tip: I use treatments that are for damaged hair all the time to get some extra goodness. :-)

OLAY EVEN & SMOOTH LIGHT DAY CREAM I looovvveee this day cream but it was a bit too heavy for the warmer months it's very moisturising. A little goes a long way. I'm looking forward to using it more in the colder months as m6 skin gets very dry around the nose region.

RAPUNZEL MILD & GENTLE DETANGLER I honestly got this children's detangler because of the packaging. I thought it was so cute. Lol It's great for just £1. I go through quite a few bottles as I cowash alot. It's lightly scented and a great help with my airdrying process. 

D&G 14 LA TEMPERANCE PERFUME Mmmmm...yum is what I think whenever I spray this fragrance. Smells like roasted caramel with a slight zing.

KIEHL'S MIDNIGHT RECOVERY CONCENTRATE Magic in a bottle! I've been using this for a good amount of time. It works instantly. You'll notice a difference after the 1st use.

TRESPAK SALON EXCLUSIVE HAIR RECONSTRUCTOR MOISTURE & SUPER INTENSIVE TREATNMENT If I created a protein treatment...this is what it would be. It's £2.99 and so amazing. I love to use this treatment under the steamer before I straighten my hair.
It leaves my feeling strong, healthy and bouncy with lots of volume.

BLACK & WHITE GENUINE PLUKO HAIR DRESSING POMADE This only makes an appearance when my hair is straight. A little goes a long way. It's great for taming fly aways. It has a wax like sheen texture. 

SEN HYDRAMOOD SOOTHING MOISTURISING MASK FACE AND EYE CONTOUR I need more and I can't find it again. Amazing mask! So moisturising, feels like I got an awesome facial at a spa.

I LOVE TO SCRUB A-DUB DUB Sugary heaven! My second favourite body scrub I've found and it's only £1.

MAC POWDER BLUSH- FILM NOIR I adore this blush colour...it's great for contouring and very pigmented.