Hello all! :-) I don't think I've ever talked about my Iced Green Tea Obsession on ze blog. I absolutely love it! It's my favourite beverage to drink 3-4 times a day other than water and it's easy to make. I like to add honey and lemon juice in mine. Sometimes I'll add fresh lemon slices and let it marinate. P.s don't forget to add loads of ice! Refreshing!!! :-)

To make this all you need is some Green Tea, Honey, Lemon Juice & Ice. Any brand of Green Tea will do but I find the best is the authentic brands from the actual Chinese stores. I boil the kettle pour the water over the tea bag. Immediately I add one table spoon of honey so it dissolves properly and around 5 teaspoons of lemon juice and stir. I tend to eyeball everything. Lol Let it cool down pour in your glass then add ice all the way to the top of glass!! And there you have your very own better than Starbucks (in my opinion) Iced Green Tea. :-)

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2016!!! Here we are...the 5th of January I can't believe we're here already? 2015 went so quickly. My main worry for 2015 was not making it to thirty...but I did. :-) Now it's time to LIVE! I'm excited for this year and what it has to offer. This is my year of transformation, taking risks and being consisent in things that I set out to do. My ultimate goal whatever the situation may to always put myself 1st. I know now that I shouldn't feel guilty about this and it's a good thing. Happy New Year! :-) #2016