Some items that I think will be great for the guy during the month of Silvember/ December. This is  just a guide. :-) Don't forget to check out my Goldember guide.


How beautiful is this door? I can only dream that one day this will be the door to my house. Lol I love finding images like this. It reminds me of Michael Jackson''s "Remember The Time" video. #J'adore #Inspiration 


Here are some items that I think would make great Xmas gifts for the month of Goldember (December).


There's something so romantic about a fancy balcony. I love buildings like this with the baroque style architecture. Don't forget to check out my #iCAPTURE album on my Facebook page where I share pictures I've captured similar to this and other things that tickle my fancy. :-) Happy Hump Day! P.s this photo was not taken by me.


Happy December everyone! :-) Have you got your Christmas trees up or started Xmas shopping? I haven't even bought one yet. :-/ The temperature's been dropping here and there but it still doesn't feel like winter. I hope it snows. :-) If you read my HAIRAPY post you would know I was expecting my shipment of the Biotin & Collagen Hair Treatment Oil. came today and I'm sooo excited. :-) I'm excited to share with my friends, family and some of you guys. I will be doing a  small giveaway. The first 5 people to comment on this post will win a bottle of the oil. Winners will be contacted individually for shipping details. Good Luck! :-)