Happy Thursday all! Hope you all had a lovely week and for those of you that celebrate Thanksgiving..."Happy Thanksgiving!"  Can you believe next week is December? These last few months just flew by. Will any of you be taking advantage of the Black Friday Sales? I've got my eye on a few things...this is the time to do a bit of Xmas shopping I suppose. 

I have so many blog posts in draft I need to post. One in particular is about my 6-10 month stretch which I hope to be documenting. I won't texlax till next year April/ September 2016. I also plan on eliminating heat for those months but I'll talk more about that in the post. 

A few Sundays ago I had a major trigger that just threw me off...it lead to me bevin very... :-( Because of this I realised NO MATTER the situation I can not and will not put myself in situations where other peoples happiness comes before my mental health. It's a dangerous risk! Other than that I guess I've been OK.  I'm trying g to get back to the gym. I went last week and it felt great. :-) I just need to be cosistent and documentin it helps.