I actually can't believe I made it! :-) It's the 30th of November 2015 and this is the beginning of the end. Let me explain...it's the beginning of something new and the end of a traumatic experience which I have now laid to rest on the 30th day of this month. The door is shut! It may try to open now again bit it is shut! There is no point of me going back and forth reliving traumatic experiences where they have been laid to rest. It would be like digging up  grave. Good riddence! It's time to LIVE! :-)


So....I'm planning a 6 maybe 10 month stretch. Saaayyyy whhaaatttt? YES! You read that right...with NO HEAT! Maybe only 2-3 heat passes. The longest I've ever stretched was 9 months, so for me it's definetly doable I just have to keep up with my regimen and accurately respond to what my hair tells me. All of these podcast can be found online except for the ones I've stated are discontinued. The rest of them I found at my local BSS and some online on Ebay. :-)

I've been gathering some of the products I will be using during my stretch and thought I'd share them with you all but mostly this is documentation for me. :-)

Revlon Unique One All In One Hair Treatment I've never used this treatmentbut I've read great things about it. I'm hoping it's comparable to Henara Shine Enhancer I used to use a few years ago that has now been discontinued. :-(
My hair lover leave in conditioners/ treatments, especially for air drying.

Nourkrin Woman Extra Strength I've used this before when I was natural and had great results it's very very pricey. The ingredients are all natural you can find out more about it here. Nourkrin and Holland and Barretts Hair, Skin and Nails are the only girl supplements I've taken for hair growth.

Biotin & Collagen Hair Treatment Oil I don't think I've ever reviewed this on the blog but I did share it in a haul. Let me jus tell you...first of all I purchased this from Savers for £1 and it could also be found in the 99p Store and Poundworld at the time. Unfortunately this product has now been discontinued. :-( Lucky for me I found a seller who dealt with the company directly and I bought all the stock they had left. Lol YES! IT'S THAT GOOD!!!

It's a light to medium oil...not sticky (which I love) which works best when applied to damp hair. 

This is not a volumizing treatment it is a thickener which means with continuous use your hair will be thicker. I can't tell you how happy I was when I found this again. :-) it has an odd smell...a bit like medicine/ vitamins but it's tolerable. Maybe I'll do a small giveaway. :-)

Sunny Isle Rosemary Jamaican Black Castor Oil This is a new product I'll be using. I've never tried this brand of Castor Oil and was over the moon when I found it at my local BSS.

Samy Fat Hair Thickening Spray/ Amplifying Mist Another product I used when I was natural. It does exactly what's it says..it thickens the hair. I think they've changed the name, but the amplifying mist does the same thing. I've been applying it to damp hair then airdrying. BOOM!

Organic Root Stimulator Hair Fertilizer Another great product I used in the past especially for my new growth. There are certain products my scalp loves and this happens to be one of them.

Farpona Saponics Shampoo with Natural Soapwart & Nettle Leaf Extract
Another new product I'm trying. I recently went through all the ingredient's in my silica Hair, Skin & Nail tablets to see if I could find them in the form of oils. Well I ended up finding one in shampoo form and thought I'd give it a try. So far so good! :-)
I'll review once I've used a good amount.

Burdock Oil with Horsetail This is another product taken from the ingredients of my Silica tablets that I thought I'd try on its own.

Vita Sheen Growth Aid Treatment I don't know why I stopped using this, it was awesome. It has a very thick consistency. I would recommend using it in or as a deep conditioner /hot oil treatment/ overnight dc or prepoo.

Groganics DHT Blocker Moleculizing Root Lifter Another great treat mentioned I used when I was natural. I used a lot of things that promotes growth and opened up the hair follicles but I was still using heat. Now that I'll be airdrying I think these products will work a lot better.

Natural Classic Henna Treatment Wax This is by far my favourite treatment of all time. My hair loves this whether relaxed, natural or texlaxed. It works best with heat (under steamer/ dryer) it leaves my hair feeling strong but soft and really defines the curla/ waves.

Organic Root Stimulator Carrot Oil This has to be one of my favourite winter moisturisers. A little goes a long way...it's has a buttery consistency and leaves my hair feeling strong and moisturised. 


Happy Thursday all! Hope you all had a lovely week and for those of you that celebrate Thanksgiving..."Happy Thanksgiving!"  Can you believe next week is December? These last few months just flew by. Will any of you be taking advantage of the Black Friday Sales? I've got my eye on a few things...this is the time to do a bit of Xmas shopping I suppose. 

I have so many blog posts in draft I need to post. One in particular is about my 6-10 month stretch which I hope to be documenting. I won't texlax till next year April/ September 2016. I also plan on eliminating heat for those months but I'll talk more about that in the post. 

A few Sundays ago I had a major trigger that just threw me off...it lead to me bevin very... :-( Because of this I realised NO MATTER the situation I can not and will not put myself in situations where other peoples happiness comes before my mental health. It's a dangerous risk! Other than that I guess I've been OK.  I'm trying g to get back to the gym. I went last week and it felt great. :-) I just need to be cosistent and documentin it helps.


I've really been enjoying this little recipe for breakfast or as a midday snack. It's so yummy. I think I mentioned it on my Dfd a while back that I have problems digesting bread and other carbohydrates but I've managed to find one that my metabolism can break down. Sainsbury's Kalmata Olive Bread is the best bread I've ever had in my life! I'm not sure what's in this bread that makes it so easy for me to digest but I'm sure gonna find out. It's absolutely delish washed down with a glass of iced green tea.


Saaaaaaayyyyy whhhhaaattt!? We're in November? I can officially say I made it! These are the last days of what was meant to be a depressing time but I made it. It's been difficult but I'm here. I'm so happy I made it. :-) I declare in the mighty name of Jesus that this time next year I will be happy, I will be doing something creative and amazing.