Hey all! So I come to you with a bit of sad news...don't worry I'm fine. I was involved in a crash. The bus I was travelling on in the city crashed into a car. Unfortunately for me who was sitting at the front with a glass panel in front, my reflexes were not quick enough as I ended up hitting my face and front tooth on the glass. It's very painful. :-( I've reported everything and been to  the hospital. Thank God it wasn't too serious but my front tooth is still in a lot of pain. I seem to be have these accidents with buses, I don't know if you remember but a while back I got on the bus and it exploded. I mean...is this a sign? I fill a bit anxious to get on a bus now. :-( Anyway how've you all been? I hope you've enjoyed your weekend so far. :-)

Recently I've been really pampering myself. Everyday is gonna be a pamper day for me I just love to feel good. Whatever I can do to feel good. Lol
I've go lt so much to share with you guys...stay tuned. Xx