I'm on the hunt for a nice cream, beige or grey knitted cosy blanket/ throw. I found a reasonable priced one on the H&M  website. I'd previously been looking at the chunky knit styles but they're very expensive, maybe I'll get one in the Christmas sales. :-)


Happy Sunday guys! :-) I know no one is reading this but me...but I'm so used to that catch phrase. I didn't do much today, just chilled. Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead. :-)


This picture makes me feel easy breezy...fresh! It's like I can feel that cool, calm, breeze brush against my skin. Btw I've been taking very good care of my skin. I've got some new products I'm trying and I'm currently obsessed with an amazing 79p face mask. I've also been using my microdermabrasion system religiously. But I'll save all the info for another post. Guess what? I still haven't made it back to the gym...but in my defence I was still recovering. After being stranded outside on Sunday, the cold got me again and I've been trying to shake it ever since. I really don't know what kinda cold this was I'm just glad it's gone. Lol

I hope you all had a fantastic week so far...HAPPY FRIDAY! Enjoy your weekend! :-)


I'm loving white/ creme decor at the moment. It just looks so clean, fresh and cosy. I'm thinking of reupholstering my sofa in white velvet. This is the colour palette I'm going for to give my place a face lift. BTW did I mention I had to get a new sheepskin throw for my sofa. Unfortunately I spilled tea on it and when I washed it, it got ruined. So I told the company and they sent me out a new one for half price which worked out better for me, as this time I ordered the XXXL which is the size I originally wanted. It really is beautiful...it just stinks. Lol Any tips on how to get rid of the sheepskin smell?


I'm  really in love with slogan leggings at the moment, I like to wear them with a black top and a plain black fleece with some colourful trainers. This is my favourite errand uniform when I'm being lazy and I wanna be comfortable. :-) I'm thinking of getting some customized with my own slogan. 


I went bowling today...I didn't win but it was pretty awesome! I'm still in pain from my accident but I soldiered through. I'm trying to ignore it to be honest. I also picked up an amazing black coat in a very large size to give me the oversized look that I love. It looks so expensive. I'm thinking of getting it in the grey colour too and customizing it. I plan to add zips to the cuff section of the black one so I can roll up my sleeves for a smart/ casual look. It was such a great bargain I'm so in love with it. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend. Check out more pictures from bowling here.


Hey all! So I come to you with a bit of sad news...don't worry I'm fine. I was involved in a crash. The bus I was travelling on in the city crashed into a car. Unfortunately for me who was sitting at the front with a glass panel in front, my reflexes were not quick enough as I ended up hitting my face and front tooth on the glass. It's very painful. :-( I've reported everything and been to  the hospital. Thank God it wasn't too serious but my front tooth is still in a lot of pain. I seem to be have these accidents with buses, I don't know if you remember but a while back I got on the bus and it exploded. I mean...is this a sign? I fill a bit anxious to get on a bus now. :-( Anyway how've you all been? I hope you've enjoyed your weekend so far. :-)

Recently I've been really pampering myself. Everyday is gonna be a pamper day for me I just love to feel good. Whatever I can do to feel good. Lol
I've go lt so much to share with you guys...stay tuned. Xx


I remember a few years back I used to be obsessed with this colour...a dusty rose sometimes peachy, beige, pink. I loved to combine it with brown. They mesh so well together. I seem to have fallen back in love with it. From the knits to the parka jackets...it's a gorgeous neutral that can be worn all year round. I love other muted colours like this in the same family like beige, blue, teal, peach etc. What colours are you all enjoying for the colder months? Any favourites in particular? Do you dress according to fashions seasonal colour code or do you break boundaries and wear whatever you like?  I'm happy it's Friday! :-) HAPPY BIRTHDAY brudda!

Anyhoodle wishing you all a fantastic weekend ahead. I'm blogging on the go and I'm off on some errands and a spot of shopping. Vlog maybe? I have some cool stuff to share on the blog and something I tried this morning which I think is gonna turn out to be the most amazing thing EVER! Lots of reviews coming up that's for sure. :-) Until next time, be blessed!


Hello OctoberI made it through September...yay me! :-) It flew by, I can't actually believe it! :o I hope October and November are smooth sailing also...I guess there's no point in asking how you've all been? Lol I will make my blog public again eventually...just not any time soon. :-) I've figured out some really cool creative problems (design wise) which means I can really do what I envision in my mind. I really want the blog to reflect who I am creatively and I don't think it does that. :-/ Ever since cancelling my trip to Los Angeles I thought I was going to have the hardest time living with my decision. I'm not saying it hasn't been difficult...but I feel as though I went through the motions of falling and rising again pretty quickly. But then again I do have amazing support and the unconditional love of my heavenly father.

I do sometimes feel like my soul is still trapped there (LA) but I know thats the enemy. One day I'm going to write a book or make a film about my life! #1415 Anyhoodle...I've set myself a few goals for this month and I hope to see some drastic results. I've started my DFD again...so I'm now keeping track of everything I put in my body. I haven't been documenting it on here but I do have it for my own records. Blogging what I ate everyday was a lot of work but it really did keep me accountable. 

Another goal I have is to grow out all my layers and nape area. I noticed I have some damage back there which I think is from me being to rough when detangling combined with improper (lazy) moisturising and sealing. I'm really enjoying wearing my hair straight at the moment...I have a relaxer due this month but I'm hoping to stretch to some time next year. I cut 2" off the other day which wasn't really needed but like I said I'm growing out all the layers! All of this would not be worth if if I don't remember to take my vitamins, especially my iron tablets and do my BTR'S. Btw I still need to purchase my hooded dryer.

As I'm typing this I just realised I made a promise to myself that if I didn't go back to they gym by the end of this month I would cancel membership...uh oh!! :o
Well...because I have what I currently call extenuating circumstances I'm external ding it to the 1st full week in October. Lol

Another goal I've set for myself as silly as it may sound is to do something nice for myself everyday, no matter how big or small! I must do something nice for myself that will make me happy! And not feel guilty about it. I also need to remind myself that I don't need to wait for an occasion/ event to do this. I can do it just because...I'm doing it for me and me ONLY! :-)

I honestly can't believe we're in the last quarter of the year! I mean...it feels like I just blinked from last year to this year. Wow! I really wanna travel next year and I will God willing. Happy October everyone, let's make it a great one!