I'm so in love with these style of's just that they bulk me up a bit more than I'd like. Lol But that's not gonna stop me from rocking it the way I want to. My favourites are the thin distressed wool and the bulky ribbed kind. I can't stress enough that it has to be made from the non itchy wool because...that other kind, sends my skin into an itching rage! And as always I love everything oversized, pair it with some jeans or some leather trousers/ leggings and you're good to go! :-) What are some of your favourite Autumn/ Winter trends?


I have this thing with doors...I love ones that look like they have a story hidden inside. :-) I don't know where this was taken but I want to go there. Hope you all had a lovely weekend. I will hopefully return to regular blogging shortly. 


I really love transparent furniture/ decor. It has such a clean cut modern look, sometimes seductive in its form. Whether it's a lampshade, ghost chair or dining set. It's a great neutral base to add a pop of colour of different textures too.


I hope that one day you will be content with yourself and accept yourself the way you want others to accept you. There's only one you, you're an original that can't be duplicated. 



My fear is...not truly figuring out who I am before its too late. I mean, am I really still trying to figure out who I am at this age? I wanna say that it's pathetic!! But another part of me is screaming "be patient"! Honestly where do I go from here? I feel like I've ruined myself...and everything is too late. That's how I feel...but feelings are temporary right? I feel so confused right now. Experiences (traumatic) are what have lead me to this point, but why and how have I let that shape the very core of who I am. I think somewhere along the way I lost control. :-(

Was I ever really in control to begin with? 


I don't know about you guys but I love taking pictures of doors, buildings architecture. I believe that every door has a story from the indents, to the deep cracks or engraved messages from a holidaying couple etc. I didn't take this picture but I was drawn to its cool, pale, blue tones it looks like it has so much history. :-)


I planned to do a 3 month challenge where I would blog everyday from September to November but never got round to starting it. Last week I was sooo sick...I mean couldn't get outta bed, neck so stiff, chest, nose and throat clogged like a sink siiiicccckkk!!! I haven't been that ill in a long time, it was awful. I can breathe again but still have a chesty cough. Now, I'm feeling a bit better I thought I'd give it a try. I've been having mixed feelings about my blog as to whether I should delete it and start a whole new one but some how I couldn't find it in my heart to let go. Lol
Its like my baby. :-) I have- deleted all my social media for now...Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. I'm not sure if I'll bring them back but for now...this is the situation. I've also made my blog private to invited readers only. I dunno...I just felt like it. 

I've been making some drastic changes lately...I just need to figure s*** out on my own, away from everyone with no one bothering me! :-) All my gadgets seem to be breaking laptop, tab...even my microwave exploded recently. :-( I have abandoned the gym like...I've told myself if I don't go back this month I will cancel my membership. So...the jokes on me really. Lol
To stay focused on whatever it is I need or am trying to do I have to isolate myself. I've always been this way and it's the only way I can get things done. I really need to learn to say no and put myself first otherwise I will continue to be miserable. There is no one to look out for me or have my back, it's just me! So...
Any who I feel like this is heading south very quickly sooo...I'm gonna post a letter to myself and hopefully this time next year I'll be in a different place..


RED sneakers/ shoes seem to be all the rage and I for one am a full time lover of this trend. Can I really call this a trend though...? As I love this look for liiiifffffeeee! Lol I love the simple look of a white tee and leather pants/ jeans with a bold red sneaker/ shoe or an all black outfit with a a red sneaker/ shoe. The red statement ties everything together. For me, texture plays an important role when wearing an all black outfit with the red ensemble. It's fun to play with different textures in the same colour family it really makes a simple look interesting.


I saw this building while out and about a few weeks back and the top of it reminded me of that scene in Romeo & Juliet. I get really inspired by old buildings and the architecture in the city. You can follow my #iCAPTURE album on my Facebook Page. 

Can you see the twins sleeping in the clouds? Kinda had enough of this rainy weather. I should be used it to it by now...being a Londoner and all but to be honest it's a misery everytime. 



I've been loving suede, cream/beige, leather sneakers lately. They're just so neutral and can go with everything. They're also a great colour to transition to the Autumn months.