Hello friends! I hope you're enjoying Monday so far? Been picking up a few pieces here and there and just wanted to share with you all. I'm sure you know by now I like plain t-shirts. Well...I managed to find some really nice ones at Primark. The greys one are my favourite, I love the sleeve and wash of the fabric, they're a polycotton mix which I simply adore. There's nothing more relaxing than hopping into a bed with fresh linen.
I'm weirdly obsessed with grey fitted sheets at the moment. It just makes me feel good. (It's the little things right?) 
When I want something I tend to research it on Instagram through the tag section to see if I can find a good deal /style/ design etc. I knew I wanted all white converses...leather ones to be exact. Anyhoodle today while scowling the men's section in Primarni I found these white ones for £10. Cool right? I'm thinking of getting another pair to customize. :-) I'm still getting the original converses though, they're an essential. ;-) 
I'm also in love this top I found with the fringe detail, I wanted black too but they didn't have in my size. :-( I'll have to hunt it down in another branch. If you haven't already head on down there they have some good stuff at the moment.