So...here we are on a lovely Wednesday with my #TechTalk tips. Grab a beverage and a notepad and get ready to take notes. :-) If you own a smart phone then this post will appeal to you. I often get asked who designed my blog and the answer is me! The best part is, I designed it using my mobile fones... YES! You read that correctly my handy dandy mobile fone. It first started with my HTC Desire HD but when I got the Samsung Galaxy Note II that's when the marriage between blogging and editing and designing really took off! There's something so exciting about knowing that everything I wanted or needed to do was a touch away.
In 2012 I decided I wanted to take my blog a bit more seriously...so I decided to give it a fresh look...I contacted a Web designer to do a few things and the cost was around £500 which I was happy to pay until I started dabbling around with HTML and CSS myself.

Prior to launching KSIsooooFLY in 2011 I had designed my blog then also, but was never happy with the layout and just before I went to LA in 2012 I ended up messing it up and starting from scratch again. I was back at the #Simple template.
For me personally a blog is like a sketchbook if I don't have a quality sketchbook with great quality paper I'm not going to feel inspired or motivated to draw. Same with my blog if there's an error or somethings off with the layout I don't feel inspired to blog till I've fixed the problem. Some of you may find this silly but imagine painting on a moldy dirty wall. Lol
I sound OCD right? I promise you - I'm not..? Am I? Loooooool
When designing a blog I recommend starting with the Simple Template it's the most customizable in my opinion. 

I'll go into more depth into HOW I designed my blog in a seperate post but for now I'm going to share some of my favourite mobile editing apps for blogging.

Some of my favourites are:
•Pics Art
•PicSay Pro
•PS Touch
•Autodesk Sketchbook Mobile Pro
Today I will touch briefly on Pics Art

Pics Art is alot like Instagram but on a much larger scale it's not just a photo editing app it's a network. Out of all the apps Pics Art and PicSay Pro are the editing apps I use the most especially, in conjunction with each other. Pics Art has your average set of photo editing tools along with a drawing tool, collage tool, camera, effects and much more...

What I love most about the Pics Art app is being able to work in another app and export it into Pics Art. Not all apps allow this function and with it editing is endless.
I made this collage using the Pics Art app working In layers:

When working in layers, I would advise that you save everything as you go. It makes for a much easier editing experience. The UI on the Pics Art app is very user friendly. I would definitely recommend it for anyone who likes to be creative with their photos/ collages/ drawings and who also likes to blog on the go. If you would like a post on how to work in layers in this app, let me know below. The Pics Art app is available to download on iTunes and GooglePlay.