Happy Sunday/August all! :-) I hope you all had a great week. It's officially the last month of summer...can you believe it?  I have been slacking so badly on "that gym life" it's time to get back in there for good. July was a really tough month for me...alot of revelation. God is good. Great things are ahead for me, things that I couldn't possibly imagine. I can only be positive here on out because I know God has saved me. I feel so blessed, now it's time to look it. :-) I hope you're all doing well? I'm currently working on The #1415 exhibition...I'm thinking of changing it to #1415 | Disturbing The Peace what d'ya think? I've always loved starbucks but recently, my love for caramel frappucinos has gone out the roof. Lol Seriously...if I don't have one when I want it, it feels like someone's tryna hurt me. Hahaha
The weather was beautiful today...one of those days you would enjoy being in the city and being a Londoner.

Have any of you seen the movie "The Adjustment Bureau"? Starring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt...it gave me some really cool ideas for my exhibition. It made me think really deeply about all the open doors in America and the things that are happening over there. There are "open doors" everywhere around the world and in people's lives, but the enemy is having a field day with America. I believe the war in the spiritual realm has now manifested here on earth and that is what we are witnessing in the form of guns. The enemy's plan is to divide and destroy. He wants division. This is not a race battle, it is spiritual. Satan's plan is to make different races and genders hate each other. He wants to go backwards. The gun is the distraction. He is using people in uniform because to him they're his soldiers. The people he posesses do not have the "mental stability" to handle the gun and that is why people are dying. Victims are being used to create victims. We must pray for America. I will touch more on this in the GALLERY. Anyhoodle wishing you all a wonderful week ahead. :-)