So the day has come, it's 24 hours before, I'm just so thankful to God and his love for me. I think it's fair to say I'm more than grateful for his heavenly intervention and grace upon my life...I am truly humbled. .

The way God has blessed me is not even a joke! His blessings are always more than enough. He has saved my life by cancelling this trip. I know it! Because I feel it in my heart. This could have turned out so ugly but God intervened and said NO! How you all doing? What did you get up to this weekend? 


Just some things I'm currently looking at. I love the Reebok trainers, I wish they came in gold too. Can't wait to pick them up. I really hope they end up making a liquid gold/ silver version in the Freestyle Hi Tops and Classics. How cool are the Zara studded diamanté trainers? Sooo me! :-) Now the colder weather is slowly approaching I'm slowly trying to figure out my winter style, although large knits make me look huge than the norm it seems to be what I'm drawn to. For me, it's all about being comfortable and warm in the colder months. Large knits, oversized jumpers, leather leggings and some cool ass sneakers will be my winter uniform. What's your winter style?


Hello friends! I hope you're enjoying Monday so far? Been picking up a few pieces here and there and just wanted to share with you all. I'm sure you know by now I like plain t-shirts. Well...I managed to find some really nice ones at Primark. The greys one are my favourite, I love the sleeve and wash of the fabric, they're a polycotton mix which I simply adore. There's nothing more relaxing than hopping into a bed with fresh linen.
I'm weirdly obsessed with grey fitted sheets at the moment. It just makes me feel good. (It's the little things right?) 
When I want something I tend to research it on Instagram through the tag section to see if I can find a good deal /style/ design etc. I knew I wanted all white converses...leather ones to be exact. Anyhoodle today while scowling the men's section in Primarni I found these white ones for £10. Cool right? I'm thinking of getting another pair to customize. :-) I'm still getting the original converses though, they're an essential. ;-) 
I'm also in love this top I found with the fringe detail, I wanted black too but they didn't have in my size. :-( I'll have to hunt it down in another branch. If you haven't already head on down there they have some good stuff at the moment. 


Looking at this picture made me happy...so I just wanted to share it. 


Hello friends! :-) Happy Sunday...I hope you're all feeling blessed. Today was such a great day. Church was amazing, I knew there would be a message there for me today and there was. :-) I'm feeling so much more better than I have in the past few days. God sent some serious angels around me. I also want to thank Pastor Gabe, Shauna and Gloria who continue to pray for me. You're awesome! ;-) Hasn't the weather been amazing? I feel like we're in Spain. Lol I've been thinking I need an office or some kinda art studio where I can seperate my creative time from my home life. I just get really chlostraphobic sometimes. I really need a space where I can create clearly, not get distracted and be inspired daily. I saw this building in Camden...I like her hair and the expression the artist has captured on her face. (Interpretation: Am I bothered?) I felt a great sense of peace within my heart today. It was during my travelling from one place to the next. It came and overtook me out of the blue. I know that was God because I asked him to drench me with peace. God is so good. I vlogged a bit this week but haven't edited it yet. I have so much to share with you all. I hope you've all had a lovely weekend and wishing you all a great week ahead. 

P.s. Currently in love with: 



I saw a video on Facebook where a woman (Sheryl Underwood ) had been hurt but she was grateful for the experience because even though she was wounded...she wasn't BROKEN. Ever since I watched that video I've held onto those words. "Wounded but not broken." Because over time wounds heal, no matter how deep, painful and damaging they may seem...they HEAL. Everything seems so raw and painful now but time is the perfect healer.

These words posted by Instagodministries by TD Jakes really encouraged me.

The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way.” (Psalm 37:23) You're travelling a course to get to the blessing God has promised you. Every step is a lesson. Sometimes we grow weary and decide to jump ahead of God before time but He catches us to bring us back to the step you left off from. It's like a father who has a car for his son but gives him the keys early as child; that's a blessing for destruction. But if the father waits until his son is a young man with experience then will his son be prepared for the blessing. Stay on track. We like to rush into marriage and end up divorced. We like to have kids before marriage and end up struggling. We like to rush out of school and end up jobless. It's not that it wasn't for you it's because you skipped steps and you got off track.

Stay on track! Just like Paul, “...for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, to be content.” When I'm single, I learn how to be happy single. When I'm married, I learn how to be happy married. When I have a house, I learn how to be happy in a house. When I have a room, I learn how to be happy in a room. Are y'all hearing me!? I learn how to be happy with a cell phone. I learn how to be happy without a cell phone. I learn how to be happy with friends. I learn how to be happy when all og them leave. I learn how to be happy in whatever state I'm in to thank God for the steps!

Don't worry about your storm. Know that God is ordering your steps. Press pass depression, press pass loneliness, press pass fear, press pass discouragement. If you don't like where you are don't worry about it, it's just a step. If you don't like how you're feeling right now, stop crying it's just a step. Do not put too much energy in a place you're about to leave. Why worry about a step? Do you not know where you are will pass? What you're worried about will pass. So while you're going through and enduring your steps to get to your blessing you just stay on track. Praise Him on the steps before you get to the stage and when the time is right you'll get there! (Words by Bishop T.D. Jakes)


Bar carts are a clever way to store beverages and other nick nacks that don't require taking up too much space. I've been looking around for a nice gold bar cart, but they all just seem so pricey...so instead, I've decided to opt for a Tea Trolley, which is basically the same thing. The Tea Trolleys I've found on ebay are gorgeous and are under a fraction of the price. I also like the idea of it having a bit of history behind it. I've seen some great Bar Cart DIY's out there on the bloggersphere. So...if you're on the market for a Bar Cart but don't like the price tag why not opt for a Tea Trolley instead. :-)


So...here we are on a lovely Wednesday with my #TechTalk tips. Grab a beverage and a notepad and get ready to take notes. :-) If you own a smart phone then this post will appeal to you. I often get asked who designed my blog and the answer is me! The best part is, I designed it using my mobile fones... YES! You read that correctly my handy dandy mobile fone. It first started with my HTC Desire HD but when I got the Samsung Galaxy Note II that's when the marriage between blogging and editing and designing really took off! There's something so exciting about knowing that everything I wanted or needed to do was a touch away.
In 2012 I decided I wanted to take my blog a bit more seriously...so I decided to give it a fresh look...I contacted a Web designer to do a few things and the cost was around £500 which I was happy to pay until I started dabbling around with HTML and CSS myself.

Prior to launching KSIsooooFLY in 2011 I had designed my blog then also, but was never happy with the layout and just before I went to LA in 2012 I ended up messing it up and starting from scratch again. I was back at the #Simple template.
For me personally a blog is like a sketchbook if I don't have a quality sketchbook with great quality paper I'm not going to feel inspired or motivated to draw. Same with my blog if there's an error or somethings off with the layout I don't feel inspired to blog till I've fixed the problem. Some of you may find this silly but imagine painting on a moldy dirty wall. Lol
I sound OCD right? I promise you - I'm not..? Am I? Loooooool
When designing a blog I recommend starting with the Simple Template it's the most customizable in my opinion. 

I'll go into more depth into HOW I designed my blog in a seperate post but for now I'm going to share some of my favourite mobile editing apps for blogging.

Some of my favourites are:
•Pics Art
•PicSay Pro
•PS Touch
•Autodesk Sketchbook Mobile Pro
Today I will touch briefly on Pics Art

Pics Art is alot like Instagram but on a much larger scale it's not just a photo editing app it's a network. Out of all the apps Pics Art and PicSay Pro are the editing apps I use the most especially, in conjunction with each other. Pics Art has your average set of photo editing tools along with a drawing tool, collage tool, camera, effects and much more...

What I love most about the Pics Art app is being able to work in another app and export it into Pics Art. Not all apps allow this function and with it editing is endless.
I made this collage using the Pics Art app working In layers:

When working in layers, I would advise that you save everything as you go. It makes for a much easier editing experience. The UI on the Pics Art app is very user friendly. I would definitely recommend it for anyone who likes to be creative with their photos/ collages/ drawings and who also likes to blog on the go. If you would like a post on how to work in layers in this app, let me know below. The Pics Art app is available to download on iTunes and GooglePlay.


Happy Sunday/August all! :-) I hope you all had a great week. It's officially the last month of summer...can you believe it?  I have been slacking so badly on "that gym life" it's time to get back in there for good. July was a really tough month for me...alot of revelation. God is good. Great things are ahead for me, things that I couldn't possibly imagine. I can only be positive here on out because I know God has saved me. I feel so blessed, now it's time to look it. :-) I hope you're all doing well? I'm currently working on The #1415 exhibition...I'm thinking of changing it to #1415 | Disturbing The Peace what d'ya think? I've always loved starbucks but recently, my love for caramel frappucinos has gone out the roof. Lol Seriously...if I don't have one when I want it, it feels like someone's tryna hurt me. Hahaha
The weather was beautiful today...one of those days you would enjoy being in the city and being a Londoner.

Have any of you seen the movie "The Adjustment Bureau"? Starring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt...it gave me some really cool ideas for my exhibition. It made me think really deeply about all the open doors in America and the things that are happening over there. There are "open doors" everywhere around the world and in people's lives, but the enemy is having a field day with America. I believe the war in the spiritual realm has now manifested here on earth and that is what we are witnessing in the form of guns. The enemy's plan is to divide and destroy. He wants division. This is not a race battle, it is spiritual. Satan's plan is to make different races and genders hate each other. He wants to go backwards. The gun is the distraction. He is using people in uniform because to him they're his soldiers. The people he posesses do not have the "mental stability" to handle the gun and that is why people are dying. Victims are being used to create victims. We must pray for America. I will touch more on this in the GALLERY. Anyhoodle wishing you all a wonderful week ahead. :-)