Hello friends...how you doing? It's the end of July already...this year flew by. I can't believe we're approaching August. I'm still a bit sad I'm not going to LA but I won't dwell on it as I trust the Lord with all my heart. I for one, am going to enjoy what we have left of Summer here in London. It's starting to get a bit nippy now. I can't wait for winter, only because my skin responds well to the cold when well moisturised. Lol Weird? But true! I hope you've all had a great week so far...

This week I found a new favourite bakery (GAIL'S BAKERY) not too far from where I live, it makes the most delicious spinach scone thingy majig, it's so yummy. :-) Have any of you managed to catch the sales? They're so many great ones on at the moment, now is the time to pick up some serious bargains. I  love a good quality basic tee and I found some in the GAP sale for a whopping £2.99. Don't you just love a good quality tee with great structure, quality fabric and a great fit? :-) I love the way these basic tee's hang on my body. They're originally  £14.99 a piece. I wish they had it in black too. :-(

I absolutely love Dashiki's...the prints, colours and styles. I want a red one and another style so I can customize it with gems and beads around the neckline. Dashiki's have never been "out of style" for me persay but I've noticed theyre really "in" right now. Do any of you wear them? I plan to pair mine with a moschino belt I'm lusting on.
I picked up this blue Dashiki, I was originally looking for a long one, but only managed to find this quarter length one. I love the colour. I got these sandles a while back too, from the men's section in primark (they're still available in some branches)...they're basically birkenstock dupes. They're so comfortable, it feels like I'm walking on velvet.