There's no doubt about it that natural ingredients are always best when it comes to skincare and other home remedies. I've heard so many great things about honey as a facial mask but never really gave it a chance until recently. When I did the mask for the first time I was gobsmacked. I didn't use anything fancy just a Tesco brand. I applied it with my hands and left it on for around 20-30 minutes. I would recommend wearing an old T -shirt and not moving around too much as it can get rather messy. I rinsed off with warm water and continued with my normal skin routine. Let me tell skin felt so clean and smooth, it also seemed brighter. Since I've been doing it quite regularly I can clearly seen that's it's evening out my skin tone to one colour. I have definitely added this to my skincare regimen. I hope you will give it a try and experience the great results I have. :-)

Honey has many benefits, it is know for its moisture drawing, cleansing and healing properties to name a few. It is a humectant which means it draws in moisture from the air. I love adding it to my deep conditioners as an extra moisturising treatment. There are so many uses for honey the remedies, recipes and health benefits are endless. One of my favourite recipes to do when my hair is lacking moisture is a honey mask containing: 


I apply it to damp hair, wrap in cling film and leave it on for 40 mins under the steamer. I then shampoo and condition as usual. I'm left with fuller, fluffy moisturised hair. This recipe never fails me it's a mask I often do if I'm going to straighten my hair. I also love honey in my tea as smoothies...anyhoodle I seem to be going off topic here but I just wanted to share the great benefits of honey I've experienced. Wishing you all a wonderful Thursday. :-)