What up? What up everyone? How's your weekend going? The weather started off awkward right? From last night to this morning it was horribly humid. It was so hot and sticky I couldn't sleep. My night didn't go to waste though, I managed to get a lot done. I think I mentioned a while back on the Daily Food Diary (when I last posted) that I suffer from severe menstrual cramps. Well, since I've been exercising regularly the pain has decreased tremendously. I've also been taking iron tablets from Holland and Barrett as I was informed by my Doctor that I'm aneamic :-( which explains my serious lack of energy and feeling faint all the time. So far the iron tablets have been amazing. Normally I know when I'm coming on...my body would tell me and what not...the pain would be excruciating. :-( But not this time, I can't believe all I needed was iron tablets with all the different tablets they had me on that just masked the pain. I'm just really stoked about this. Anyone who suffers from severe cramps knows what I'm talking about.

I'm kinda obsessed with this colour pink at the moment and I'm really not a pink kinda gal. I love mini satchels/messenger style bags. I'm thinking of colouring my hair but I know if I colour it I'll wanna cut it...and then the cycle begins. Lol I dunno...I just feel like changing up my look. I'm also thinking about going to Paris for a day since its just a few hours away from London. I plan to do alot of travelling in the near future. It's fun to look back at posts and see how I achieved what I set out to do. I'm babbling...anyway I hope you're all having a great weekend.