June?! Already?! I can't actually believe it, the end of May went just like that! I fell off my gym routine which I wasn't happy about but no point dwelling on it now. I need to knuckle down now as I have so much to do before the BIG MOVE. I'm feeling really excited again and my anxiety has calmed down. (Thank God) It felt neverending. 

Btw have I mentioned that Benadryl is my best friend, this is the worst hayfever I have ever experienced thus far. I thought I'd come down with the flu, it turns out I have very severe hayfever symptoms. My skin tends to go crazy in the spring/summer seasons but this was outta control, I always get a hayfever related rash on my face but Benadryl managed to clear it up a bit. I feel like a hedgehog is stuck in my throat in the wee hours of the morning it's so sore and scratchy. :-( I was taking Cetrazine Hydrochloride but that was wiping (too drowsy) me out. I'm just happy my symptoms have calmed down. I'm on the hunt for a really good nasal spray...so if any of you know...that would be great. :-) I've been doing so much research on natural ways to relieve hayfever symptoms as I prefer not to take so much medication. I picked up some camomile tea recommended by my sister. (Hope it helps)
Anyhoodle enough yapping, wishing you all a wonderful, productive, prosperous month in June. I'm ready to see results!