Hey everyone! Happy Father's Day to all you wonderful fathers out there. I just wanted to share these delicious juices and smoothies I picked up in Tesco last week. Some of them I've tried before and some them are new to me, like their own brand orange juice and their Coconut, Banana & Pineapple cold-pressed juice. I never knew orange juice could taste this good. I refuse to drink any other brand of orange juice again! It's that good! :-) Have any of you tried any of these juices or any cold pressed juices? What are your favourites?  I decided to try these when I was going through some serious bloating, I felt so clogged up and lethargic.

After a day or two of drinking the juices/ smoothies I felt great. The bloating had decreased my metabolism is faster I feel more energized. Overall I just feel great. I love all the juices but my favourite is the Coconut, Banana & Pineapple smoothie. All of my chosen juices are cold-pressed which means they are not heated in the making process and none of the natural nutrients and goodness are destroyed. :-) The biggest difference between the cold-pressed juice and juicing at home is the final processing step. At home, you pour your juice in a glass or jar and enjoy it before microbes and oxygen spoil it.

In cold-pressed juice, the cold juice is bottled, sealed and put in a large chamber, which fills with water and applies a crushing amount of pressure (equal to 5 times the pressure found at the deepest part of the ocean) to inactivate pathogens. This allows cold-pressed juice companies (like Evolution Fresh) to ship you juice that tastes vibrant and is safe for a few weeks instead of a few days.
For me, drinking these on an empty stomach works better. I feel I get more of the nutrients that way. I prefer to buy my juices rather than make them as I don't have a juicer unlike my smoothies which I blend and make fresh. Be sure to check out my Daily Food Diary when it's up an running again, where I will share some of my favourite smoothie recipes. I can't wait to try the Pumpkin Power juice. :-)