I'm currently on the hunt for this style chair but they're so pricey. I want it for my dining area. I love this colour in velvet it's so luxurious. If I can't find a good deal I might attempt to reupholster it myself from an old chair similar to these. These chairs are just gorgeous. I really want the one with the high back rest.


Omg the weeks are flying by! Next week is July! My neice turns 2 next week I can't believe it. This year has gone so quickly and to think I thought, I wouldn't make it to 30. God is good. So what have you all been up to this week?I've been suffering from extreme exhaustion, instead of fighting it...I listened to my body and rested when I could. My body is doing some serious  detoxing. I'm learning to live in the moment and not procrastinate, I tend to put things off that I could easily do in the present. It's all about Now. What can I do Now? How can I make changes Now? How can I utilise the resources available to me Now? Now is the time to do it! 

I wanna share something that's kinda silly, but its what I do to relax and unwind. I love to look at gif images of trees blowing in the wind or waves washing on shore while my air con is on, it's so relaxing and helps cool me down especially when I'm at home. It gives you the feeling of being somewhere exotic especially if these places are not readily available to you. Sounds corny right? Please try it...I promise you won't regret it. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend. 
The weather's looking beautiful on this lovely Saturday morning in London Town.


It's been 6 years since  Michael Jackson's death but the world of MJ fans still mourn like it was yesterday. His legacy will forever live on and to me he will always be the greatest entertainer of all time. Rest In Peace King Of Pop.


I absolutely love the interior/decor of this room. Nothing matches but it all comes together. The cushion arrangement, flooring, lighting etc.


I travel all the time through images. At the moment I'm in Iceland. :-)


I've made quite a few discoveries about myself lately. I USED TO BE a people pleaser! I would do anything and everything to make people happy in a drop of a hat even if I wasn't getting the same treatment in return. I ended up being a door mat!! Now that I'm not like that anymore, I'm taking my happiness into my own hands, doing things for myself I'm seen as SELFISH! Alot of friendships I've had in the past were very one sided all people did was TAKE TAKE TAKE! I would always go above and beyond for them but never got the same in return. I'm extremely sensitive to who I let around me these days, which for me means if I'm not getting a good vibe...I don't want you  around me! Problems always arise when I go against my gut.

A recent friendship I had was becoming very one sided I felt very suffocated and chlostraphobic. It was controlling and manipulative and only based on the other person's needs...always about how I could  make them feel better. It was becoming so exhausting, I started to dread being around them. I just had to step back an evaluate the situation.  My point is, it's essential to put your needs and happiness first. It's okay to be selfish regarding your own happiness. We're able to navigate who and what we surround ourselves with, not just in regards to people, but social media and other things as well. WE have that choice. YOU have that choice. Always make time for yourself. BE HAPPY! :-)


Hey everyone! Happy Father's Day to all you wonderful fathers out there. I just wanted to share these delicious juices and smoothies I picked up in Tesco last week. Some of them I've tried before and some them are new to me, like their own brand orange juice and their Coconut, Banana & Pineapple cold-pressed juice. I never knew orange juice could taste this good. I refuse to drink any other brand of orange juice again! It's that good! :-) Have any of you tried any of these juices or any cold pressed juices? What are your favourites?  I decided to try these when I was going through some serious bloating, I felt so clogged up and lethargic.

After a day or two of drinking the juices/ smoothies I felt great. The bloating had decreased my metabolism is faster I feel more energized. Overall I just feel great. I love all the juices but my favourite is the Coconut, Banana & Pineapple smoothie. All of my chosen juices are cold-pressed which means they are not heated in the making process and none of the natural nutrients and goodness are destroyed. :-) The biggest difference between the cold-pressed juice and juicing at home is the final processing step. At home, you pour your juice in a glass or jar and enjoy it before microbes and oxygen spoil it.

In cold-pressed juice, the cold juice is bottled, sealed and put in a large chamber, which fills with water and applies a crushing amount of pressure (equal to 5 times the pressure found at the deepest part of the ocean) to inactivate pathogens. This allows cold-pressed juice companies (like Evolution Fresh) to ship you juice that tastes vibrant and is safe for a few weeks instead of a few days.
For me, drinking these on an empty stomach works better. I feel I get more of the nutrients that way. I prefer to buy my juices rather than make them as I don't have a juicer unlike my smoothies which I blend and make fresh. Be sure to check out my Daily Food Diary when it's up an running again, where I will share some of my favourite smoothie recipes. I can't wait to try the Pumpkin Power juice. :-)


It's so hot and sticky, I can't sleep. I'm sooo tempted to run outside right now or have a cold shower. Looking at this image while drinking cold water with the fan on helps...


I saw this image on Instagram a while back and decided I wanted to do something similar above my sofa. I love wall gallery's, they often have great stories and history behind them. I've started collecting some images which need to be blown up. I plan on incorporating my own artwork and photography too. I'm still hunting for the perfect frames but have two already which need to be filled. I actually broke one a few weeks ago while cleaning up! (bummer) :-/ I'll keep you posted on the outcome. Hope you're all having a great week so far...Happy Hump Day!


I wasn't tagged by anyone to do this but I thought it'll be fun to share 20 facts about myself. I also tag Kreamykurls, Freshlengths, Maicurls and ForMeItWorks. :-)


What up? What up everyone? How's your weekend going? The weather started off awkward right? From last night to this morning it was horribly humid. It was so hot and sticky I couldn't sleep. My night didn't go to waste though, I managed to get a lot done. I think I mentioned a while back on the Daily Food Diary (when I last posted) that I suffer from severe menstrual cramps. Well, since I've been exercising regularly the pain has decreased tremendously. I've also been taking iron tablets from Holland and Barrett as I was informed by my Doctor that I'm aneamic :-( which explains my serious lack of energy and feeling faint all the time. So far the iron tablets have been amazing. Normally I know when I'm coming on...my body would tell me and what not...the pain would be excruciating. :-( But not this time, I can't believe all I needed was iron tablets with all the different tablets they had me on that just masked the pain. I'm just really stoked about this. Anyone who suffers from severe cramps knows what I'm talking about.

I'm kinda obsessed with this colour pink at the moment and I'm really not a pink kinda gal. I love mini satchels/messenger style bags. I'm thinking of colouring my hair but I know if I colour it I'll wanna cut it...and then the cycle begins. Lol I dunno...I just feel like changing up my look. I'm also thinking about going to Paris for a day since its just a few hours away from London. I plan to do alot of travelling in the near future. It's fun to look back at posts and see how I achieved what I set out to do. I'm babbling...anyway I hope you're all having a great weekend.