Yesterday I picked up a few bits and pieces for my skin that I've been wanting and needing, I also stocked up on some favourites. I decided to add African Black Soap back into my regimen again. Every Spring/Summer my skin goes crazy, it probably has something to do with my hayfever. Last summer I had a horrible rash (hayfever related) on my face that I felt like lasted forever. In the warmer seasons I gear towards lotions as oils and body butters make me sweat more. I do like to use oils before bed though.

Picked up the Gorious Mud Facial Exfoliator too, I thought I'd try it since I love the clay mask so much. I also found my Vanilla Body Spray that I used to love way back when. I remember enquiring about it at Boots and being told it was discontinued when actually it was just repackaged. Lol

Can't wait to try both of these masks, the Tea Tree is a peel off and the Vitamin E a facial. As I've mentioned in previous posts my skin loves Tea Tree products. Stay tuned as I'll have a review to follow.