I made this delicious Mackerel Salad yesterday and I wanted to share it with you all. It was quick to throw together and yummy too. :-) I washed it down with Iced Green Tea (my favourite). I've been having problems releasing my bowels and I knew this would help. I feel so much better, I hate taking any kind of medication for help with bowel movements the "release" never feels organic. Lol I know my anxiety has something to do with it too. I've noticed that when I'm extremely anxious or under alot of stress my metabolism comes to a hult! I become really bloated and get really bad headaches.
Another thing I've noticed is my body doesn't like bread, it clogs me right up. :-(
Green Tea has always been my best friend...it never let's me down in aiding my digestion. I'm trying to be really careful about what I put in my body these days, I've turned into a really cautious eater.

I've been feeling so anxious lately, I seem to be going down the road of bottling everything up again which isn't good for my health. I feel comfortable talking about it on here because...I dunno? I just do! Lol I seem to be second guessing everything.
In my last post I told you all I'm really excited?! Well...I am, it's just that excitement stirs up alot of anxiety. I know all will be well in Jesus name! I just want to make sure I don't regret anything and I'm making the right decision. I'm going through a "If I don't do this NOW..." phase like the world is ending  or I'm running out of time. Silly right? I just need to focus on NOW and not worry about the future or relive the past. Having faith and TRUSTING in GOD is all I need to do. I feel so much better talking about this out loud. I hope you're all enjoying your week so far.
Happy Hump Day! Is it me? Or did this week go quick? Go away raaaiiiiiinnnnn!!

"For I do not have a spirit of FEAR, but of POWER, LOVE and a SOUND mind."