Happy Friday all! :-) It's the weekend...time to relax. Yay! (sigh) If you follow my FACEBOOK page, you may have already seen this picture of my salad I posted the other day. Prawn salad is my new favourite. It was so bloody yummy and super easy to make. It's basically like a Cobb Salad but replaced with prawns. I just chuck everything in there...peppery rocket, tomatoes, cucumber, sweetcorn etc. Fry the prawns and add them. Ta da! 

Now I've hit 30 the grey hairs are sneaking up like a plague, it wouldn't bother me if it grew in one place like Rogue from X-men, but it's random areas of my scalp especially the front. :-(  At the moment my hair is in its growth spurt phase so colouring will be frequent for me. I wanted to share a trick my hairdresser taught me back when I had purple hair. I had a rinse back then so the upkeep was alot and got rather messy, she suggested I mix the rinse/dye with conditioner, so simple right? This changed my dye application LIFE! It makes the application and clean up process so easy. I recommend using a moisturising conditioner as colouring can leave the hair feeling brittle depending on what kind of dye you use. I use a dye where you just add water. I follow up with the usual routine of shampooing  thoroughly and doing an intense deep condition.

P.s. I like to let the dye sit for a while and oxidize, to help the process I cover it with cling film. From my experience the colour takes to my hair better this way. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.