You guys, you guys, you guuuuuuyyyyysssss! Aaaaarrrrgggghhhhhh!!!!
I have been searching high and low for a planner that will change my LIFE! (I joke) But seriously...I've been on a quest to find a planner that was inexpensive, looked good and customizable. Well...I have good news, I found everything I was looking for in my Dokibook Planner. Check out my scrappy unboxing video below:

I also picked up a bunch of these lovely stickers from the 99p Store. They had a deal going so I took advantage. :-) Gotta love the 99p Store right? You can find anything in there...note to self, must pick up post it notes!

I find it hilarious that stickers...reward stickers especially, motivate me to get things done. How geeky am I? :-) I've always loved the A5/A6 sized planners they're comfortable to carry around when I need to. I'm really trying to be organised how I used to be. I've also noticed my memory is getting SO BAD not sure if it's due to something else but I often can't recall what happened a week/day before and it's a bit frightening. :-( Prior to this planner I'd been using my phone but let's be honest, you can't go wrong with a hard copy. And before my phone I was using this style in A5 and A6 size 2 years earlier:

It's a very nice compact faux leather planner, I really loved it and was sad when I couldn't locate it again. They used to be stocked in the 99p Store every year around Christmas time. :-( Do any of you like using planners? What's your favourite brand?