Hello all! :-) I wanted to bring my "Memory Lane" segment to the main blog and not just the GALLERY. I thought it might be fun to put a twist on it. This series will feature stories that may be good, bad and ugly but overall I hope you're entertained.

So...let's go waaaaaayyyyy back to...I wanna say 9/10 yr old me? Yes, I think that's when this happened. It was a nice hot summer day and my friends and I decided to go rollerblading. I loved rollerblading or skating I should say because I had on skates my other friend had blades and the other two were on bikes. We would skate and ride our bikes underneath a place we called the "Arches" it was a free space underneath the block of flats which linked the opposite buildings together. We would skate there and have fun, racing each other doing tricks and what not seeing who was the fastest.

Adjacent to the opposite flats were pathways...we called them "slopes" that was the street slang for it back in my day. Haha
Anyway I can't remember whose idea it was but we all agreed to go down the slopes holding unto each other like a train. I was very reluctant but my friend reassured me she wasn't going to let go. I kept asking her and she promised. I bet you can guess what happened next right...? :-(

The two friends that were on the bikes were in front, my friend on blades was behind and I behind her...skating skating skating...wobbling, skating, she LET GO and I FELL! BAM!
I fell in a way where I scraped my knees and the skin came off! You could see the white flesh it was so disgusting, blood was dripping down my was horrific. I had on my red penguin shorts that day too. I remember crying all the way home which was a minute a way but as soon as I got in I stopped.

I immediately went to the kitchen but my mum was there, I quickly tried to adjust my shorts so she wouldn't notice, but of course she did with the blood dripping down. Lol (Duhhh Késiena!)
She asked me what happened and I told her...I got the usual telling off and then she cleaned me up and applied the stinging healing spray, I can't remember it's correct name but the spray stung so bad when applied. It healed cuts and abrasions within a day or two. It had a very strong smell and was bright orange, it became the "go to" treatment for accidents in our household.
Ever since that accident I never attempted the "train slope" again or wore shorts when skating. P.s. I still have faint scars on my knees 20/21 years later.  :-)

I hope you enjoyed this little time travel back into Memory Lane with me let me know what you think below.