I love this picture I think I've shared it before? I think...I took it last year...somewhere in the city. I'm so inspired by London, the smell (nice ones of course) , the people, the fashion, the architecture, the different cultures etc. The buildings have some amazing sculptures. I'm always snapping away and uploading to my #iCAPTURE FACEBOOK album and INSTAGRAM. I miss living so close to the city, I'm now 3 hrs away. :-(
I do love to go when it's not too busy though as I get PAVEMENT /SIDEWALK RAGE. Lol I remember walking through one night thinking am I really going to leave London to move to LA...? (Yikes!)
Occasionally I have second thoughts but I know what my heart wants. Hope you all had a great weekend? Spoke to soon about the great weather eh? April showers go away...WE WANT SUNSHINE!!!