So a while back...I wanna say early March I had an appointment I had to attend in the morning and afterwards stopped for tea at this cafe. It's the cafe in Catfords Broadway Theatre. I'm so in love with the interior, the whole vibe and ambience. Kinda reminds me of Central Perk from the hit US sitcom Friends. I've had this post in draft for ages and couldn't not share this pic of the decor. It's snazzy right? Is that even a word? Haha I wish I took more pictures, maybe next time. Did I mention there's FREE WiFi.

Have you ever frequented somewhere a million times and not noticed something that's always been there? Well...that's what happened to me during my broadway adventures. I found some stores that I walked passed all the time but had never taken any notice of, to my surprise I ended up picking up some great things. Look out for reviews as I'll mention them in future posts. It's so funny because the flower market that I go to often is right around the corner.

Hope you've all been enjoying this lovely burst of April sunshine we've been having? I know I have, I love being able to work in different locations and be inspired by my surroundings. It can become frustrating being in the same space too often. Yesterday I was trying to draw something and it just wasn't happening...took me a minute to realise I needed a change of scenery. Talk to you all later "Happy Hump Day!"

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