Can you believe it's March already? The 1st quarter of the year will soon be a distant memory...yikes! The beginning of the year always goes super quick for me. Did any of you make New Years resolutions? How's that going? Did you stick with it? I for one am excited as my birthday is next month...the big 30! I don't think I'll be doing anything spectacular I'm just happy to have made it to thirty. ( It's a big deal for me)

Let's not be deceived by this lovely weather we're having in London currently, it's still freezing! As I'm woken by the beaming sun in the morning it's easy for me to be deceived that it's warm outside but I'm still rocking Eskimo George (my winter coat). I love that we're approaching spring it's such a cheerful time. :-) I did too much walking yesterday and promised myself I would rest today as I knew the consequences of not letting myself heal properly. :-( I'm just getting really frustrated now as I want to vlog. Lol

A few days ago I dyed my roots shiny black - in the words of Joey from Friends, I was becoming too "wisdomous" haha...I was starting to sport the look of Rogue from X-Men. No Bueno!
It's the first time I tried this product and I absolutely loved it I will share my review in another post. I forgot how amazing jet black hair looks on me, I'm really happy my ends didn't dye using a method I use when I texlax. Btw if any of you are on Hairlista add me for my updates I've started documenting my journey properly again. :-) I'm really trying to be more organized I've even got a blog book now where I write all my ideas etc. Hope you're all having a great week so far. :-)