How gorgeous is that Frida Kahlo cushion? It's from Ebay! I find the most amazing things on there. So...I'm trying to get my place a bit more organised and these are two items that are on my wishlist. As you know I love black and white decor with a hint of chrome or colour. I love this silver 5 drawer chest it's exactly the style I'm looking for but I'm sure I can find it for much less. I have also found some other alternatives. I no longer like the way my polishes are  stored in the plastic containers I have. The glass  cabinet I'm thinking of using to store some of my favourite pieces.

I love changing up decor every now and again and love this mish mash of prints and colours. I like when decor is able to come together without matching. I guess its that time of the year everybody's getting ready to spring clean and spruce things up. Hope you all have a great weekend, I've heard the weather's going to be great! :-)