Just some things I like right now. I really love the jumpsuit...guess where it's from? George! By Asda. It's currently on sale for £10. I've wanted the Moschino belt for a long time, I'm waiting for a good deal so if you know of any...let me know. :-) Hope you all had a lovely week. I had a horrible accident last week which landed me in A&E early Monday morning as it progressively got worse over the weekend. I haven't been able to walk properly since.  :-( I'm on a high dosage of medication which is causing me to sleep alot and when I do try to walk it prolongs the healing process, so you can imagine my frustration!
Everything I had planned this week for my blog went out the window, my main  thing being vlogging. :-( God is good and I can't complain, I'm alive and well, healing slowly but surely and I didn't have to go into theatre which I was dreading. This accident has made appreciate being able to do everyday things like walk. Sometimes we take these things for granted. Be grateful for life and everyday you're breathing.