There's no denying I have an odd amount of love for mens denim shirts...❤

I've started collecting my uniform...my denim shirts that is! I have quite a collection, maybe I'll post it on here. Lol Its all I wear in the summer...seriously! A denim shirt, top and bottoms.
Like most of my clothing I prefer my denim shirts oversized and with that in mind I always get the men's fit as I find the women's to be too fitted for my liking. This one is from Primark, they always have great denim shirts in the men's section.
I also picked up the LA sweater (motivation Lol) from there too!
There's a clothing store not far from where I reside, can't remember what it's called as I only just discovered it even though I've been walking past it over a year. Lol
Ever had one of those moments? :-) Anyway it has amazing knitwear for really great prices! I picked up this one and I love it, it's so loose, relaxed and non bulky. :-)

The LA top is my new favourite.❤ They have other cool sweaters in the men's section. Don't forget to check it out if you go.

Love the simple knit pattern, easy to dress up or down. 

Barry M does a great lip gloss called Milkshake, it looks like a solid candy pink colour but when applied appears transparent with a slight tint of pink, it's so moisturizing I love it. I found it in Poundland on one of my random shopping sprees and didn't stock up. :-( I haven't seen it for a while but I'm sure they'll bring it back. I know I can get it on their website but I refuse to pay £4.50 for the same lip gloss I can get in poundland. Lol
I've noticed that lip balms don't work for me anymore and I end up with really excessive dry lips but when I use lip gloss my lips are smooth and silky. I'm revisiting an oldie but goodie brand I've loved before...Gabrini.
I got it at my BSS along with the other gloss which is similar and just £1. What are some of your favourite lip gloss'? Do you have any recommendations? Hope you all have a great weekend! :-)