Sooo I've developed this new motto for my style.
"Dress in black and white and accessorize in colour."


I just love the simplicity of blacks,whites and greys very muted tones, almost being very uniform like and being able to mix and match everything.
I've always loved accessories and adding colour through handbags,footwear etc.

These beautiful red reebok hightops are on my wishlist right now.
Great for a pop of colour with my B&W wardrobe palette.
I can't find these liquid silver nike air max's anywhere.:-(
Help anyone?

I used to be one of those people who would try and wear every style even if it didn't suit me.
But now I know what suits my body shape and type I wear different styles and variations of the same thing.
Probably sounds boring right?
For me being comfortable is the most important thing, I don't choose uncomfortability just to look nice, on me it definetly shows. Lol
My style has definetly changed and taken a more relaxed look,I like things oversized and to hang a certain way on my body mixed with a tailored piece.

I used to hate polyester but it has slowly become one of my favourites again.
Same thing with blazers,I used to love blazers and cropped jackets but slowly drifted away but have slowly fallen in love again.
I love how a tailored blazer can dress an outfit up or down and bring a whole outfit together.

I've also developed a great admiration for high quality hardware (zips, buttons, buckles etc)
I always try to look for this on bags, tops, jackets etc.It would definetly be something I would incorporate in my own line. :-)