I am constantly dreaming of when I will be in beautiful LA again.. Still on the hunt for an apartment.
Today was a day of rest,I listened to my body and just chilled. I haven't been feeling too good these past few days but I have a lot to be thankful for and that is something I have to constantly remind myself.

I made my favourite Spinach & Egg McMuffin today for Breakfast it was delicious.Try it! :-) It tastes better with Mushrooms but I didn't have any. My lunch was a very yummy Smoothie consisting of Bananas, Blueberries, Strawberries, Spinach, Honey, Ice & Yoghurt.

I have many different variations off my Egg McMuffin if you guys would like to see them let me know.Also if you don't already follow me on my DFD instagram I post all my food pics there.I really need to get back on track on documenting my #DFD's it really helps me stay on track better.

Have any of you heard of the Artist Daniel Arsham?I discovered him today through instagram.His work is bloody amazing!!!

I feel like his sculptures interpret some of my poems,I love the way he captures emotion and movement...they're so captivating.
Usher liked some of his work on the gram so I checked it out and immediately fell in love.
I will post more of his work in the BLOG GALLERY tomorrow.

Anyway that's all folks.
Hope you all had a great Sunday and wishing you all a great week ahead.:-)