I've always been a cushion lover and I love how throwing different designs,colours,patterns,textures and fabrics can really bring a room together.
I really love bold monochromatic prints mixed with white and chrome.
To me...It gives a really nice clean,soothing put together finish. 

There are so many different variations to choose from.:-)
Here are a few I've selected that are to my liking.
I especially loved the "reserved" one, it's actually from Poundstretcher...they have a wide selection of beautiful cushions at great prices.

I picked up a beautiful sleek lampshade a few weeks back with a chrome base and black shade, it looks quite pricey but was only £12.99.

You can purchase it here.
I absolutely love it as it goes great with my decor.
I love finding a great bargain.:-)
Poundstretcher is a great place to find quality home decor at great prices!
It's also where I got my Baroque style mirror from that I showed in a previous post.

Hope you're all having a great weekend. :-)
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