I've been slacking on my hair BIG time but recently decided to up the amp on my regime.I really enjoy the the current thickness of my hair since I converted to fully texlaxed last year March.I'm an avid airdryer and believe airydrying along with Texlaxing has really helped with my thickness.Blowdrying is a treat for me :-) I can't remember the last time I used straighteners...I actually really dislike them now.Ever since I learned how to round brush my hair that's been my preferred choice of straightening.

I had my round brush for about a year or two before I actually used it and it turned out to be the greatest brush EVER!Its so easy to manipulate and maneuver in my hair providing great volume and a nice shape to my ends.Best thing about it is I purchased this bristle of awesomeness for 99p! Yup! You read that right another 99p STEAL! I haven't seen it since I bought it but I do know that the 99p store does do repeats...so keep an eye out.
The brand is Angelo Branzoni.

All other round brushes I've used tend to tangle my hair but not this one,for a long time I thought Iit was me who just didn't know what I was doing. Lol

My hair texture at around 9 weeks post relaxer, the curls in the middle of my head are much tighter unlike the front and the back which has a much looser wave.
I'm thinking about stretching till March 2015 but we'll see...
My next Texlax is due October.

The round brush technique is a great way to get straight hair with volume and movement you can find alot of how to videos on YouTube. :-)

Since upping the amp on my hair regimen this is what I've been doing:


Today I concocted a homemade DC consisting of various conditioners and my favourite oils.After deep conditioning under the steamer I will Cowash,Black Tea Rinse,Airdry then moisturise and seal.


Stopped over at Lewisham Market today. :-)
Picked up some more Blueberries and Bananas for my smoothies.
The weather was rather hot today which I was quite surprised by.I expected the month of September to be cold already.Lewisham Market never dissapoints...I'm forever surprised by there bargains.

I seem to be prefering my smoothies with just fruit and ice they're so refreshing.
You can find my smoothie recipes here.

A few days ago I picked up the Shampoo and Conditioner from this line and today I picked up the Hair Mask and Treatment Oil.I've tried the conditioner and so far I love it,I will do a full review once I've used all products for a sufficient amount of time.


I love the city, I love being in the city, I just get so inspired whenever I travel there.Now that I live roughly 2 hours away I don't get to frequent there as often as I like.

I have frequent places I like to visit. They're my secret places I go to when I'm in a sad/ happy /reflective mood. Lol Do any of you have a special place? Hope your week is going well. :-)



I am constantly dreaming of when I will be in beautiful LA again.. Still on the hunt for an apartment.
Today was a day of rest,I listened to my body and just chilled. I haven't been feeling too good these past few days but I have a lot to be thankful for and that is something I have to constantly remind myself.

I made my favourite Spinach & Egg McMuffin today for Breakfast it was delicious.Try it! :-) It tastes better with Mushrooms but I didn't have any. My lunch was a very yummy Smoothie consisting of Bananas, Blueberries, Strawberries, Spinach, Honey, Ice & Yoghurt.

I have many different variations off my Egg McMuffin if you guys would like to see them let me know.Also if you don't already follow me on my DFD instagram I post all my food pics there.I really need to get back on track on documenting my #DFD's it really helps me stay on track better.

Have any of you heard of the Artist Daniel Arsham?I discovered him today through instagram.His work is bloody amazing!!!

I feel like his sculptures interpret some of my poems,I love the way he captures emotion and movement...they're so captivating.
Usher liked some of his work on the gram so I checked it out and immediately fell in love.
I will post more of his work in the BLOG GALLERY tomorrow.

Anyway that's all folks.
Hope you all had a great Sunday and wishing you all a great week ahead.:-)


I have been drinking tea like my life depended on it lately..Lol My favourites are Earl Grey, Green Tea, English Breakfast and PG Tips. Anywho I picked up these really cool no name brand black/white and glitter trainers the other day. I've been looking for a pair of trainers in this style that I could dress up and even customize.

I love the mesh/netting and the glittered sections.
They have a very smart/casual vibe to them and they're sooo comfortable.

Los Angeles is calling my name again.I've been thinking about going for a while...I miss the sun,fun and freedom.

I really need another holiday and would like to visit the places I didn't get to last time I was out there...so if you have any recommendations please feel free to let me know. :-) Also I'm planning to stay for 4 weeks so if you know of any nice apartments I could stay, preferably in Downtown LA. Let me know in the comments below. Be sure to check out the NEWS section of the blog for all the updates.

I love my bag from BAGINC
I will do a proper review once I've used it for a longer period of time.

How cool are these candles I picked up from the 99p store. Perfect for my black/white/chrome d├ęcor that I'm sooo obsessed with,I wish they came in white too! :-)


I've been meaning to do one of these so...

1. A hat I'm going to purchase
2. Janet Jackson "NASTY" Art Work
3. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (My soon to be upgrade)
4. Inspiration
5. Dinner
6. Baroque Architecture/ Inspiration
7. Lunch
8. African Textile print I like (Inspiration)
9. Family Portraits

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I've always been a cushion lover and I love how throwing different designs,colours,patterns,textures and fabrics can really bring a room together.
I really love bold monochromatic prints mixed with white and chrome.
To me...It gives a really nice clean,soothing put together finish. 

There are so many different variations to choose from.:-)
Here are a few I've selected that are to my liking.
I especially loved the "reserved" one, it's actually from Poundstretcher...they have a wide selection of beautiful cushions at great prices.

I picked up a beautiful sleek lampshade a few weeks back with a chrome base and black shade, it looks quite pricey but was only £12.99.

You can purchase it here.
I absolutely love it as it goes great with my decor.
I love finding a great bargain.:-)
Poundstretcher is a great place to find quality home decor at great prices!
It's also where I got my Baroque style mirror from that I showed in a previous post.

Hope you're all having a great weekend. :-)
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Sooo I've developed this new motto for my style.
"Dress in black and white and accessorize in colour."


I just love the simplicity of blacks,whites and greys very muted tones, almost being very uniform like and being able to mix and match everything.
I've always loved accessories and adding colour through handbags,footwear etc.

These beautiful red reebok hightops are on my wishlist right now.
Great for a pop of colour with my B&W wardrobe palette.
I can't find these liquid silver nike air max's anywhere.:-(
Help anyone?

I used to be one of those people who would try and wear every style even if it didn't suit me.
But now I know what suits my body shape and type I wear different styles and variations of the same thing.
Probably sounds boring right?
For me being comfortable is the most important thing, I don't choose uncomfortability just to look nice, on me it definetly shows. Lol
My style has definetly changed and taken a more relaxed look,I like things oversized and to hang a certain way on my body mixed with a tailored piece.

I used to hate polyester but it has slowly become one of my favourites again.
Same thing with blazers,I used to love blazers and cropped jackets but slowly drifted away but have slowly fallen in love again.
I love how a tailored blazer can dress an outfit up or down and bring a whole outfit together.

I've also developed a great admiration for high quality hardware (zips, buttons, buckles etc)
I always try to look for this on bags, tops, jackets etc.It would definetly be something I would incorporate in my own line. :-)