Where do I even start?
My skin has be playing up as of late and it all started with a Tesco brand fabric conditioner I used to wash my clothes. It took me a while to figure out thats what caused me to have the allergic reaction all over my face. 
I felt like the heat was making it worse too as I tend to get really bad heat rashes this time of year. 
My skin always acts up this time of the year so I do try to be cautious about the products I use and new ones I may try. 
I used to be an avid user of my Champneys Microdermabrasion Skin System but since I misplaced the brush cleanser a while back I haven't used it and they don't sell replacements. :-(

I've had my eye on the RIO SONICLEANSE for a while...
It was actually the original facial cleanser I wanted to get before the Champneys one but Argos discontinued it. :-/
I've ordered one and can't wait to start using it. 
I'm sooo glad this one comes with extra brush heads and a rechargeable battery.

I ordered it online from ebay for £39.99
I'm also thinking about purchasing the Rio Sonic Facial Scraper.