I've been trying to revamp my wardrobe but have chosen to take  my time so I can find key pieces that I will wear often. 
  I have this habit of wearing the same outfit once I've found something that suits me in different brands,styles etc. 
At the moment I'm really into Fedora hats or Micheal Jackson hats as I like to call them. 
They can pull any outfit togther either dressing it up or down. 

I also love white/black shirts and blazers.
Anything that has a casual,structured look really tickles my fancy.
Black,White,Khaki, Mauve,Dusty Rose,Chrome are just a few colours I like to wear and a pop of colour here and there...
I like to stick with colours that suit me...especially BLACK! Lol
Another factor I like to take into consideration is comfortability. 
If I'm not comfortable I'm definetly not wearing it, theres nothing more awkward than looking uncomfortable in what you're wearing. 
We've been blessed with this beautiful weather at the moment,although as I'm typing this its currently raining. Lol
Weather wise,I like to keep my outfits light and flowy, nothing too clingy and not too many layers. 
You can always catch me in an oversize denim shirt, basic white tee and some leggings.Lol
I wear that look so much its turned into a uniform. -_-
I came across this beautiful jacket the other day in Zara...
Definetly out of my comfort zone but its gorgeous right? And its on SALE! 
I wanted to get it but it was too tight on the arms for me. :-(
Zara are having a great sale at the moment along with the other stores. 
Have any of you hit the sale? Find any bargains? Let me know below. :-)


So I've been picking up a few things here and there… 
Got the patent style Dr Martens for work. 
My sister reccomended them, she said they're comfortable and they'd be great for the work I do.
They just need to be broken in as they can be uncomfortable for the first few wears. 
I was advised to stuff socks in them as they would help stretch them out. 

I get it everyone! 
I understand why so many #BeautyBloggers are crazy about MAC. :-)
I recently picked up the MAC prep and prime beauty balm
It's bloody amazing! 
I've only been using it a few days...so once I've used it over a longer period of time I will do a full review.

I also picked up some trainers for the gym,they're very comfortable,by Puma and I got them on SALE!!

My hair absolutely loves Pantene products so when I came across
these products in the 99p store I was happy to say the least. :-)
Have any of you tried the MAC BB creme? Or the Pantene hair products? 
What do you think? 
What have you all picked up lately? 
Let me know in the comments below. :-)