I've been taking my tiiiimmmmeee about putting my place together. 
I believe its best to take your time when you're gonna be in a place that you frequent all the time. My colour palette is white,grey & black with splashes of chrome & other colours here and there! 

I love white for relaxation purposes,it soothes me. Lol
Another reason I love white is because its easy to maintain. 
I get bored of the same things quickly and with a white palette its easy to adjust and subtract things to my preferance. 

I adore this style of lampshade,it comes in a clear acrylic style too. 
I'm still searching around to see if I can score it for a more reasonable price. 
Because they're rather pricey!!!
I'm still on the hunt for my sofa which is taking forever, because I have a specific size preference. 
I'm placing it in a particular area which would be perfect, it just has to be the correct measurement.

I recently ordered a new kettle which is more for the convenience of when I'm 'on the go'.
The Breville Hot cup is designed to boil hot water for one cup which will be great for when I take my tea to go. 
It's the medicine to my hayfever and I drink tea alot,more recently with this beautiful weather we've been blessed with. 
Any hayfever sufferers out there? What are your remedies? 

Isn't this bar cart beautiful?
If I had the materials I'm sure I could make it! Lol
I love how diverse it is,could be used for many things. 

I hope you're all having a great start to the week. Xx