I think I've used this product long enough now to finally brag about it. :-)

Price:  £1.00 (from poundworld)
Size: 120 ml


I've used the overnight cream as directions have stated and in my own way as a prepoo, leave in and pre texlax treatment.
I absolutely adore it. :-)
It looks like a creamy, thick consistency but the texture is silky and absorbs quickly into the hair.

When used as directed, I applied a few pumps all over my hair and left on overnight.
I had to use quite a bit as my haie is quite thick.
(I still wore my headscarf of course)

In the morning I rinsed out with luke warm water, then cold, to seal the cuticle.
My hair felt like butter sooo silky and smooth, there was no need to detangle.
I added my usual leave ins and proceeded to air dry.

**This product claims to replenish 1 months protein loss in a night!
I don't know about that…but my hair always feels amazing after each use.

Would I reccomend this?
Yes! Definetly, especially if someone has alot of heat damage as I believe this product would help in rebuilding the hair cells.

Have any of you tried this?
What are your thoughts?