So I've started this new ritual to have fresh flowers in my place every week and I must say I'm rather enjoying it. 
Seeing beautiful flowers all the time really brightens up my mood. :-)

I'm still learning how to arrange them in some sort of order...
Can you tell?  Lol

Yesterday was a bit stressful to say the least but things are slowly coming together. 
I decided to treat myself to an early bday present and took the plunge in getting
myself the samsung smart tv. :-)

I can't wait to set it all up. :-)

If you've been following me for a while… 
Then I'm sure you've picked up on my bargain hunting tendencies. 
I REALLY like to SHOP around before purchasing something I really want. 

I wanted this particular style of mirrror for a while but refused to associate…YES! Associate!...Myself! With some of the prices I had seen. LOL
One day while browsing through £stretcher, shopping for something else,I came across this beautiful emporium (victorian) style mirror. 
I immediately wanted it but left it, so I could see if I really wanted it, or if it was just an impulse buy. 

Long story short...I went to purchase it yesterday and they didn't have in stock. :-(
I called round to other branches and found it…Bob's your uncle the mirror is mine. :-)

I love everything about this mirror from the size, to the finish, to the weight. 
It's just perfect! 
It was only £29.99 (BARGAIN) 
The ones I viewed in other shops started from £60 upwards.
The great thing about this mirror is, if you don't like the finish of the frame you can easily customize it to your liking with a bit of paint/spray paint. 
It also comes in a glossy back and a very large size(full body length) in distressed gold/white/silver
Those ones are £59.99

If you follow my facebook page then you already know about the 3 hour battle I had while trying to hang it. LOL

I hope you're all having a good week.


I need this with either a white/chrome base.
I've found it but I'm still looking around to see if I can get it for a lower price...
If any of you know please comment below. :-)

Hope you're all having a great Friday! 
Enjoy your weekend. 



I think I've used this product long enough now to finally brag about it. :-)

Price:  £1.00 (from poundworld)
Size: 120 ml


I've used the overnight cream as directions have stated and in my own way as a prepoo, leave in and pre texlax treatment.
I absolutely adore it. :-)
It looks like a creamy, thick consistency but the texture is silky and absorbs quickly into the hair.

When used as directed, I applied a few pumps all over my hair and left on overnight.
I had to use quite a bit as my haie is quite thick.
(I still wore my headscarf of course)

In the morning I rinsed out with luke warm water, then cold, to seal the cuticle.
My hair felt like butter sooo silky and smooth, there was no need to detangle.
I added my usual leave ins and proceeded to air dry.

**This product claims to replenish 1 months protein loss in a night!
I don't know about that…but my hair always feels amazing after each use.

Would I reccomend this?
Yes! Definetly, especially if someone has alot of heat damage as I believe this product would help in rebuilding the hair cells.

Have any of you tried this?
What are your thoughts?


Hello friends! :-)
Whats crackalacking..?

Hope you're all well?
Anywho loads of things have been happening in my life good and bad but I'm still standing. :-)
I am now the proud owner of

I just thought it was time and it sounds more professional.

I realise, I've become somewhat of a lazy blogger with my infrequent posts. I plan to go back to updating daily again. 

Please make sure to navigate to the other parts of the site as they are updated regularly too. 
I'm always updating the blog gallery, I like to think of it as an open sketchbook.❤

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