A tea specially selected and blended in London, England.
As Londoners,we live in a bustling and multi-cultural society, swept along with the increasing pace of our unique city.

Tea remains a universal part of our daily lives, with more cups of the wonderful brew being drunk in London than any other city in the world. We've decided it's time we have our own special tea.
We've searched for the highest quality leaves from Kenya and Assam. It has been blended to produce a robust, deep, rich flavour, which is ideal to enjoy all day, everyday. 
Once blended its packed to maintain freshness.

Pour fresh boiling water onto a tea bag in the cup, allow the cuppa to stand for up to 2-3 minutes which will reveal the true flavour of the cuppa. Alternatively, if you are making a brew using a teapot allow one tea bag per cuppa, allow pot to stand for 3-4 minutes, gently stir before pouring the brew.

Even though I tried this tea merely because I was drawn to the packaging I'm glad I did.
Its very rich like stated and doesn't need to be brewed for long.
I like my tea medium-strong/milky so this formula works great for me.
It has a very earthy taste that I like.
Overall a great tea and I would definitely purchase again.


Dalgety's Lemon & Ginger blend brings an authentic flavour of two rich ingredients of the earth's soil, that compliment each other for their nutritional and medicinal qualities.
Lemon is for purifying and Ginger for its stimulating properties.

I've talked about the twinings lemon and ginger tea in a previous post here.
Well...let me tell you that this Dalgety Caribbean Lemon and Ginger 100% Natural Herbal Tea is its bad ass spicier cousin.

Me and my friend Liberty can't get enough of it.
She drinks it like water.lol
The best part is when you get to the bottom you really taste that spicy ginger. So zingy and full of life, it makes you feel like you can save the world. Lol

The ginger taste is extremely strong so if you're not a fan of ginger, this tea is not for you.
We love to add a dollop of honey in are brews it gives that extra caaaaacccccchhhiiiinnnggggg!!!
Seriously I♥this tea can you tell? Lol
100/100 ★★★★★