From experiencing Mayhem in Marble Arch,my journey getting to the till point was money well spent, and lots and lots of excitement with the one and only Americans even joined our encounter and I mean that literally!

The bargains, the fashion the necessity of buying it just for the sake of purchase!
I have to express my best buy was the Argan selection, this entailed, Argan conditioner and Argan oil hair treatment! This is essential after a long suffering exposure to cold weather where the hairs on the back of your head begin to get stiff!

After a long day from work,and my damaging scheduled week, having to prepare my luggage of to a basketball tournament,with only one day to prepare. :o
One day is enough but not when you still have bits and bobs to buy!
I had decided to plan to wash my hair with-any random shampoo and the Argan oil conditioner.

Spreading this sweet peachy Argan essential product, I have to admit as soon as I had placed it in my hand it felt like moisturiser, this is a plus because I place moisturiser  on my curly whirly hair anyway, to enhance my natural curls!
Leaving the conditioner for 5-10 mins, I was hoping with excitment that I would have found the right product for my hair. I'm very fussy I like my hair natural and clean.
So if the effects are bad then that would be mean!?
Ten minutes after I then washed the Argan Conditioner out with lukewarm water and dried with a towel.
Immediately I felt and saw the difference, It felt moisturised and my hair was looking shiny!

                                                                                                                  LIBERTY  YOUNG                                                                                                        

The second part of my evening was treating my hair with Argan oil.....I generously spread the oil all over my head and hair, didn't have to be the damaged parts of the hair....when I mean generous I mean I left the treatment for a good half hour, looking like a white cotton head!!!! (Except ministered)

Waiting desperately I then, washed it out with water and my hair felt fresh, smooth, relaxed,.. And greeeeaaaaaaaattt!
The next morning I woke up , and my head felt very light,as well as my hair,my curly hair appeared neat...
My curls were like Goldie locks!
This is ideal for my active lifestyle.
Sometimes I have no time to do my hair I just put it up in a high bun or a crazy pony tail! 

So adding a relaxed curly fresh look I was looking good! And felt good too!
Although.... I have written this blog literally the day I woke up with goldie locks hair! ;)

Argan oil..... Natural..... From Morocco..... I'm thinking I've got to try;)