Theres always a time when we're not feeling 100% but its how we manage are moods and feelings that determines this. I remember reading somewhere..I think it was on twitter 'allowing someone to upset you is like allowing someone to control you' something like that.lol It makes absolute sense, when you ALLOW something or someone to completely upset you to the point where you loose control its almost like you've been hypnotised. You're allowing someone to unconsciously control your mood from a distance. #MindControl

Think of it like this...you have all your favourite channels saved and someone comes along and reprograms your channels without asking? Would you allow someone to reprogram your mind? No!
With that being said there are those who know which buttons to press to put you on a bad channel! But guess what? There's a RESET BUTTON.:) Would you let someone make you watch #Revenge when you've been programmed to watch #HappyEndings?

No! So why let the meaningless words of another effect you in such a way?

Meaningless you say? Yes meaningless! I sometimes forget to do this when people talk AT me rather than TO me, but if you LOOK at what people are saying rather than LISTEN you'll actually realise that 75% of the time people are actually talking about theirselves when being negative towards another. Try it! #LOOKBYLISTENING You'll be surprised what you hear by seeing.

We ALL have a choice as to whether we choose to except these settings or create are own. We all have more than one setting. Choose the channel you want to watch, today, tomorrow etc. Programme yourself happy.