"Shall we get off here?"
So glad we did...because it ended up being amazing. :)
Yesterday Liberty and I were looking for a nice cafe to have breakfast.
We ended up at Del'Aziz a local cafe close to where I live...walking distance even.Yay me! :)

As you enter you are welcomed with a  sheltered seating area which could seat around 20, and a gorgeous display of patisseries that we drooled at, for about 5 mins before deciding what to order.

At first glance the cafe seems small and cosy, not somewhere you would spend hours??
But as we were led by the waiter through a narrowish walkway filled with morrocan style ceramics we seemed to have entered what I could only describe as the Del'Aziz version of NeverNeverLand.lol

Its absolutely beautiful, the decor,the ambiance the whole atmosphere...is just lovely.
There's a much larger seating area round the back along with a bar which also hosts a beautiful lounge like seating area.
It's a lovely surprise for the first time visitor like ourselves.
As soon as we were seated Liberty had already decided this is where she wanted to spend the rest of her life! Lol
Del'Aziz had become her new Central Perk! Lol

We both ordered the "Full Breakfast" which should be- renamed "Full Breakfast,Lunch and Dinner".
It was sooo filling, everything was cooked to perfection and the customer service was excellent.

This will definitely be my new blogging spot as they also provide free wifi. :)
They also host regular entertainment on Wednesdays(Live Jazz Music) and Fridays(Belly Dancing Show).
And have a variety of different menus for breakfast,brunch, lunch and dinner etc.
And even host kids party's too.
You can find out more info here.