Just a few things I picked up yesterday.
I'm in love with my American Flag Scarf, it feels like someone's giving me a warm hug(JM♥) lol.The price tag said £6 but when I got to the till it was £3...what a bargain!!

I also picked up a pair of my disposable shoes as I like to call
I've noticed a rather large price inflation....smh
They went from £2-£2.50-£4.

Can't wait to try the peel of masque,looks good!
I've only ever tried wash off masques in a clay or syrup formula.
So this should be fun.:)

Me and my friend were talking about skincare and face masques yesterday and how good they are,she ended up showing me her facial masque collection I was amazed.
I can't remember what brand they were but I'm definitely gonna give them a try!:)

Do any of you use face masques? What are your favourites?