Hydra Therapy
Revitalises dry, damaged hair by restoring and maintaining hair's vital moisture balance.
Contains a moisturising blend of vitamins, Manuka Honey & Coconut Milk.
Ultra Hydrating emollients coat the hair shaft to provide incredible manageability, elasticity & extraordinary shine.Pamper yourself with soothing aromatherapy essences of sandalwood & lime.

This conditioner is my favourite of the two.
Especially because it contains honey and not just any honey...Manuka Honey!
Honey is one of my favourite ingredients to use when  DC'ing mainly because of its moisturising benefits.
It is designed to revitalise and restore the hair's natural moisture.
It gives such amazing slip and is great for cowashing, detangling was a breeze. I've noticed that conditioners with slip
have a more transparent consistency and somewhat of a milky formula.
Something to take note of if you love that silky feeling in your hair.
The Hydra Therapy Conditioner left my hair feeling soooo soft and shiny.
When I run my fingers through my hair its like running it under a #SoSmooth
It has a very nice scent of honey and coconuts that lingers in your hair after  rinsing but not overpowering.

I honestly can't believe how soft my hair  is, I would definitely recommend this product to frequent cowashers and the naturalistas and those who have trouble with dry ends.
This is definitely a hair winter must have.
With the crazy weather(Snow in March?Spring where you at? Lol) we're having in London at the moment I'm glad I have this product in my stash.
I rate this conditioner ★★★★★

Volume Therapy
With an exotic blend of emollient rich Babassu, fortifying Kaolin & strengthening Quinoa Protein to restore body & shine to lifeless hair.Babassu transports restorative vitamins & minerals to nutrient deprived hair to mend, strengthen & restore body without weight.Experience the soothing aromatherapy essences of sage, cedarwood & geranium.

Because of the haircut I currently have (asymmetrical bob) I like to have extra body and this conditioner does that.
I went under the steamer with the Volume Therapy conditioner for about 45 mins to 1 hour.
As soon as I rinsed it out my hair it instantly felt thicker and stronger which I loved.
This conditioner has a much thicker, sticky like formula which I'm not too fond of, but nonetheless is still worked great.
Protein based conditioners are more opaque in appearance and thicker in consistency, just a quick tip for you conditionerholics/cowashaholics out there. :)
The sage fragrance is quite strong but just like the Hydra Therapy not overpowering.
I love that both conditioners gave my hair amazing shine.
Most volumizing conditioners tend to way the hair down, I love that this one doesn't.
My hair is weightless,bouncy and flowy.
I purchased both these products at my local poundland where they had the rest of the Purity Range.
You get 250ml of product for a £1...what a bargain! :D
You can find these products at your local BSS, salon or even supermarket.
Happy Hunting. :)

*I think this would be great for summer time braid outs when you want that extra body.;)*

Would I reccomend it? Yes
I rate this conditioner ★★★☆☆