So I've currently been loving McVitie's digestives Medley cereal bars.
They are so good for when you're on the go or need a quick snack.
One bar contains 138 calories but it varies depending on what flavour you choose.
I'm munching the Rich Tea Rocky Road flavour at the moment and that one is 127 calories.My favourite so far is the Hazelnuts and Milk Chocolate.

Trying out a new night cream tonight... "Pro-Derma Innovations Lift 3D Night Cream"...will review at a later date.
I will do my usual nightly facial routine then apply. ;)

Also picked up some Andrew Collinge conditioner,in the ingredients one of them said Manuka Honey and the other Quinoa Protein I've tried this brand before and absolutely loved it so I thought why not give this range a try?
I love this brand along with Toni and Guy and Daniel Galvin Junior.They all make amazing hair products.
I think you all know by now I have a slight obsession with conditioners. Lol

Lastly but not least I picked up one of my favourite soaps by Yardley London in the Lemon Verbena scent.
If you don't know about Yardley soaps?...get to know,they're amazing!!

Have any of you tried the Andrew Collinge range? Or McVitie's Medley cereal Bars? If so whats your favourite Flavour?If you like cereal bars? If so...which one?
Also what are your favourite night time products and routine?