A reviving combination of citrus flavour and spice
The aroma of lemon and ginger is not only reviving,but ginger root has traditionally been used to aid digestion.
It's naturally caffeine free and has no added sugar.You can drink it at any time of day but its digestive qualities mean that many people choose it as an after dinner alternative to coffee.
At Twinings,we believe the secret of creating great taste lies in the ingredients you choose to work with.
That's why we've used all natural ingredients and nothing else in our green and white teas and all our infusions.
That means no artificial flavours-just the real thing.
We suggest...
Allow one bag per person to infuse for two to three minutes in freshly boiled water.
If you prefer a sweeter taste,add a little honey.
Have you tried this cold?Just allow the infusion to cool before drinking straight away-it's especially refreshing over ice with  a slice of fresh lemon.
Always best enjoyed without milk.
I'm sooo obsessed with this tea right now.
I love the aroma, taste everything.
Sometimes I add honey but most of the time I do without.
I love how this tea speeds up my metabolism.
The ginger overpowers the Lemon but not in a sickening way.
Its so yummy.
I definitely recommend everyone to try this tea especially for those cold winter/flu seasons.