I just found this painting I grew up with as a child,I can't believe I just remembered it.
It holds so much memories good and bad.Sometimes I was the girl in the painting.The dog always reminded me of Lassie.lol
It was hung at the entrance of my home in the hallway. When you entered, it was the first thing you saw.
I remember as a little girl staring and getting lost in this painting for hours upon end.
Its one of the reasons I got the nickname "daydreamer." :)I must find a copy.

A Special Pleader
By Charles Burton Barber
Date painted: 1893 Oil on canvas, 97 x
127.6 cm Collection: Rochdale Arts & Heritage Service

This work was painted at a time when sentimental images of dogs, cats and other pets were fashionable due to the influence of Queen Victoria and the Royal family. 
Barber became one of Queen Victoria's favourite painters and he was commissioned to paint several works for her.
The fashion for sentimental images of animals and children disappeared with the coming of the twentieth century and Barber passed into obscurity.
It was only in the 1980s that Victorian narrative art saw a tremendous revival.At that time 'A Special Pleader' was reproduced as a colour print and quickly became the most popular selling print of 1983–1984