Vasmol Jasmine non-greasy hair oil has the conditioning properties of coconut oil and has a lingering perfume of jasmine.

Mineral oil,Coconut oil preservative & Perfume.

I absolutely love this oil.
I use it for deep conditioning mostly.

It leaves my hair feeling sooo soft and strong.
Its great as a sealant too.

I apply it all over my hair and leave it on for about 30-45 minutes with a plastic cap,rinse out and cowash as usual.

It leaves a really nice shine and softness and suttle fragrance of jasmine.

Its non-greasy as stated so won't leave your hair feeling weighed down. 

It does contain mineral oil for those concerned about that ingredient.
But for me personally,I haven't had any problems with it.

The jasmine fragrance is not too overpowering in my opinion.
Just don't apply too much.

I would definitely reccomend this for all hair types,especially as a deep conditioning treatment or prepoo.

I definitely need to stack up.:)

Overall I give this product 10/10

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