NSPA PROFESSIONAL: Moisture Boost Hair & Scalp Mud

Trying this out.
Review to follow soon.


LA Girl Disco Brites-Disco Inferno


No words need to be said...enjoy. :)


I picked up a few polishes yesterday.lol
My few to some could mean alot. smh

I'm really into the foil and metallic formulas at the moment.

I also found some Saffron brand polishes at my local BSS that I wanted to try.
I was originally going to purchase them online from eBay. *LuckyMe*

How gorgeous are the purple & green polishes?


Burning candles brings me such joy.lol
*Blogged from my mobile*


Loving this mascara at the moment it really lengthens the lashes.


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NOTD &Haul

Picked up a few things yesterday...some nail art pens from Primark and caviar polish from the 99p store can't wait to try them. :)
Here's my latest NOTD...
Polishes used:
JRB Nail Enamel-173
Constance Carroll-247 Amethyst

Mini Haul ♥

Can't wait to try the shampoo and conditioner I've been eyeing it for a while.

Need to do a ☆review☆ on the cleansing wipes because they're my favourite.♡


I've been obsessed with burning candles as of late.


The cold got me

My Nail Regimen

This is what works for me:
*NOTE* I naturally have super hard nails, they are hard to bend.lol

- I do my manicures every 7-10 days

-Clean up my **cuticles ONLY with my nail machine weekly

- Apply cuticle softener to my nails then do my nail scrub

-I love applying EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) to my nails & cuticles it makes them super hard

-After filing my nails I always apply EVOO.

- Apply nail hardener before every polish application.

-File them weekly unless I chip one

-Apply cuticle oil to my nails morning & night but mostly when I feel like it

-I always moisturise them with my favourite hand cream

- I take vitamins: Silica hair,nail & strength from Holland & Barratt

Thats it! As you can see its nothing major, hope that helps. :)

I use ANY brand of nail polish & my favourite top coats are Sally Hansen Mega Shine & Sally Hansen Diamond Shine

My friend has an amazing blog all about nails: www.formeitworks.blogspot.com